Alec Hartman
Democrat for City Council

Alec on the Issues
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Education: Access & Reform
I believe in expanding the scope and accessibility of educational opportunities for all New York City residents. Fighting for the inclusi...
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Technology, Transportation, and ...
I want to solve the problems facing the riders of New York City public transportation, including delays and overcrowding. By focusing on ...
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Homelessness & Affordable Housing
I believe in tackling homelessness with an approach that includes job training programs, housing subsidies, and increasing access to ment...
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LGBTQ & Human Rights
I believe that human rights and the rights of the LGBTQ community are one and the same. All citizens regardless of sexual orientation, ge...
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Environment & Green Space
I believe that to tackle climate change head on, we need to develop a more sustainable way of living. Protecting the environment, reducin...
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Veteran's Rights & Benefits
Protecting and expanding the rights of those who protect me and my fellow New Yorkers is extremely important. Our Veterans and first resp...
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Immigration & Civil Rights
I believe that New York City can be a place that respects all its people. Making our justice system reflect our core values is something ...
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Shopping with Mom & Pop
I believe that supporting the small businesses in our communities, the storefronts that have become landmarks and cornerstones of our nei...
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Women's Rights & Healthcare
Women play a huge role in our community, our workforce, and our government. We must uphold the ideals of equal pay for equal work, a woma...
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