Alec Hartman
Democrat for City Council

Citywide Healthcare
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I believe in the community-wide benefit of accessible and affordable healthcare for all New York City residents. I support the establishment of a borough-wide exchange with insurance plans that protect essential benefits and are explained in understandable language, regardless of what comes of republican efforts in Washington to gut the ACA and remove 23 million americans from their health insurance.

The establishment of a city-wide exchange would make New York the center of progress on the path to universal coverage, while having the additional effect of lowering costs for individuals and employers. Through the establishment of an enormous shared risk pool, NYC, on a local level, will continue to lead the way in resisting republican efforts to turn back the clock on healthcare and guard against the loss of any of the ACA's essential benefits.

I support and respect a woman’s right to choose how her body is governed and controlled. It is her body, it is her choice. The recent and ongoing Republican attacks on women's reproductive healthcare hidden in the details of the 'health plan' is shameful and I fully support Sen. Liz Kruger's recently introduced bill in the NYS legislature to update our abortion laws and protect a women's right to choose in NY.

I believe in the continued and expanded access to sexual health resources for all New York citizens including condoms, STD testing, pregnancy care, cancer screenings, drug and substance abuse programs, and increased mental and emotional counselling opportunities.