Alec Hartman
Democrat for City Council

Homelessness & Affordable Housing
Issues > Homelessness & Affordable Housing

Instead of investing in the homeless hotel housing program that is a drain on city resources, to the tune of $236 million per year, I propose we re-direct those funds to services that will help treat the underlying causes of homelessness such as counseling, job training, mental health treatment and the reintroduction of housing subsidies, especially for struggling middle-class families.

I will fight to protect the gains won over the years in regard to rent-stabilization and rent control and I propose to expand these protections throughout District 4. I support the repeal of the 1971 Urstadt Law that took the power for rent regulation out of the hands of the city.

Further, I will work for NYCHA Policy reform of the "tough on crime" era regulations that often lead to families losing access to public housing due to minor, non-violent infractions such as cannabis possession.