Alec Hartman
Democrat for City Council

Technology, Transportation, and Infrastructure
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The city is facing a crisis; this summer, because of Amtrak repairs at Penn station, expected delays and service changes will negatively affect commuter capacity from NJ and Long Island by nearly 20%. Couple this with the overall aging of the MTA and NYC is in for a season of enormous challenges. Since Governor Cuomo directly overseas the MTA budget, we as a city ought to put as much pressure for investment on Albany as possible. I pledge to fight for the funding that the MTA needs to modernize to ensure that we have the world's finest mass transit system for decades to come. The Metro is the life blood of NY and it deserves our attention rather than the neglect we have experienced for decades.

As one example of investing in straight forward solutions; the 4-5-6 Green line is the heaviest trafficked train line in the US, yet it is plagued with safety issues, delays and overcrowding. Updating the signal switches that the MTA system is relying on, which currently date from the 1930’s, would go a long way to increasing reliability, and safety.

I applaud the work of Councilman Garodnick in the planned rezoning for Grand Central Station, particularly his emphasis on public safety, I believe this is a great example of the type of innovation we will need in the years ahead.